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Drawing is best to teach at the beginning of Year 4. This is an example 2 weeks in to the term and lesson 2.

September 27, 2017

Year 4 Week 3 Lesson 3 Softening Shapes Sketchbook Example

Year 4 Week 2 Lesson 2 Observation drawing Sketchbook Example Year 4

Drawing is best to teach at the beginning of Year 4. 

Lesson 2 Observation Drawing went well. When you look at these  sketchbook examples you can see the development through the drawing. Usually the second drawing. What went well is the children would try one drawing  knowing they get to do another one so were relaxed about making what they perceived as mistakes. The second drawing was usually better and they were able to discuss with their partner how they could make drawing number 2 better.

The Smiley Face Assessment system works brilliantly with this lesson. Children do not cross out work anymore just put a sad face if they don’t like it or a line for the mouth if they like somethings and not others. You just keep reminding them not to add hair or glasses or tears to the face which they will do from time to time.

Watching the video helped at the beginning and I would recommend them not drawing while the video is on. The link to the video is . Having a table gallery at the end of the lesson was really helpful and then I did the same lesson with my Yr 5&6 Art club who loved it and benefited from watching the video first.

If you are going to try this lesson just make sure you restrict them to a double page in their sketchbook and that they have sharpened pencils before they start with a container to collect all the shavings, on the table. This will prevent children all getting up and down to sharpen pencils over a bin.

I would really love it if some of you lovely teachers would post your children images so I could see how it works for other teachers.

Good luck and any questions I would of course reply and give you any support.