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Beautiful Yr3 Christmas painting lesson

November 4, 2017


Beautiful Yr3 Christmas painting lesson

Beautiful Yr3 Christmas painting and collage lesson.

This is a great lesson for Year 3 as it enables them to paint, collage and experiment in a 1 hour lesson.

First part of the lesson

Watercolour techniques: Taking Out using cotton buds, A Wash using blue and water.

Using watercolours not ready mix paint. Pupils make a dark blue wash and then paint about three quarters of the page. Using cotton buds they take out areas by pressing down and they continues this until the paint is dry.

Fine motor skills: Cutting out and glueing

Composition: Arranging position of snow animal/man

They then use a small piece of paper to draw their snow animal/snowman in felt pens and colour pencils and cut out when finished.

The snow animal/man is stuck on the snowy background to make a lovely Christmas scene that could be used to stick on a card, or as I did one year when I had an assistant, we copied the image pasted it so four fitted on an A4 sheet and printed out. Each pupil then had a set of four gorgeous cards to take home for the family to send to relatives.