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Calling all teachers of Year 5: Fancy something different?

September 30, 2017

Year 5 Food Sculpture Project

This week I tried a simple project with my Year 5 pupils. It was busy and lively but worked really well. They made apples, bananas, pairs, oranges and a cup and saucer. I made the teapot with my 9 year old nephew for an example to show the children. I also showed the children this video of my nephew making the banana .

The project was from the book Start Sculpting by John Plowman and was very simple. My top tip for making this work with a large class is to have 1 reel of tape per pair of pupils. With a bigger piece like the bowl you could have 3 pupils working together. Cutting the tape while the other pupil sticks is a good way to work together.

You will need to help them cut the tape at the end and for safety reasons I got them to cut with scissors and helped at the last bit. I would definitely get them to stick a piece of paper with their name on it, otherwise you will be guessing who’s is who.


I will be setting up a situational display with the food sculptures but you can see what they look like from this picture.


The children loved this simple project and built on their cutting and moulding skills. They had to work together and help each other which was great. Overall this was a lovely project to do and I highly recommend trying this.