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Calling all Y5 teachers and T/As: Try this simple Art Club idea.

October 2, 2017

This example of a camera and puppy were taken from an after-school Art club. The children had a choice of two images and were given a blank corresponding grid. It was a challenge but as you can see the children did a great job considering this is only four weeks into Year 5. If you would like to try this for a club I would recommend downloading the blank grid and images from my site

I put some relaxing music on and made sure the children had a sharpener and colour pencils. We use Lakeland pencils as they are a good price and blend.

Children were told to use light lines as they never start again so have to ignore any lines they don’t want. Some pupils drew box by box and others drew the whole thing.

These drawings were done in 50 minutes and at the end stuck on the whiteboard with tape for a class discussion.  Children talked about what went well and how could improvements be made.

This club is so simple with the minimum of materials needed. TAs could take this club as well as teachers without any teaching drawing experience. This could also be a good hour long lesson during school time and would give children valuable drawing experience.


Please help yourself to the grid drawings on my site. Let me know how you get on and share any pictures.

Year5 grid drawing of puppy 50 mins colour pencil


Year5 grid drawing of puppy 50 mins colour pencil