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Drawing Trial Starting September 2018

July 11, 2018

Drawing trial

Drawing Trial by Julie Angel

It has taken many years to organise and to develop a way to help Year 4 teachers to teach drawing. I am so proud to announce that a small trial will take place in September to test the ‘Teach Your Class To Draw’ programme which is a series of lessons that break down drawing into five basic elements shape, line, light and dark, tone and colour. Each lesson is is laid out in a clear and simple format and contains lesson objectives, sketchbook examples a lesson plan. The trial group will have a number of schools testing out the lessons and a control group. Both groups will take an initial drawing task and then at the end of the trial take a final drawing task to see if either group has improved their drawing skills.

We have 3 trained experienced art teachers to mark the assessments based on the five main elements. The proof that you can get teachers to teach drawing without necessarily having special training, will be if the trial group improve drawing skills above and over the control group.

I would be thrilled if this intervention shows an improvement of at least 20% but whatever the outcome, I still feel that a trial of this kind will hopefully open up a conversation that we need to have which is, who teaches drawing in primary schools?

Teach Your Class to Draw: Growth Mindset Teach Your Class to Draw Smiley Face Marking System

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