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Snow Dog Christmas Card lesson

November 4, 2017

SnowDog example for Year 3 Julie Angel

SnowDog example for Year 3 

This was a twist on the Christmas Card snowman/animal lesson I did for Year 3 in previous post.

The same lesson content as before but rather than the children drawing a snowman or snow animal we read the Snowman and snow dog. Looked at the video (such a treat) and then I gave them some sample pictures of just the snow dog. They drew on ordinary paper and coloured in with felt pens and colour pencils.

The card

I gave them a demonstration on how to take out using rock salt and cotton buds. If you don’t feel confident I will be posting a video link on this post shortly that will be as good as a demonstration for your class.

I showed the children how to make a dark blue wash and then paint over three quarters of the page, this time I put rock salt over the wash and then dabbed randomly with the cotton bud to make white snow falling.

They all did their back ground in 15 minutes (timed) then while the paper was drying they all had 20 minutes to draw, colour and cut out the snow dog. Once stuck down the display was amazing. We did a table gallery at the end of the lesson where children walk around looking at the work and then a fantastic wall display.

This lesson teaches children the following skills:

Watercolour techniques; taking out with rocksalt and cotton buds

Cutting out, collaging onto watercolour.

Composition; where to place collage snow dog and paint the background.