Drawing two objects together

4 Weeks into the term and Teach Your Class To Draw is beginning to work!

September 30, 2017

Only 4 weeks into the term and Year 4 pupils are beginning to really develop their drawing skills. This example shows that the pupil is aware of shapes and tries to improve this in a second drawing. He still presses too hard with his pen but has got used to not having a rubber and just ignores the discarded lines. He doesn't cross his work out and marks with the Smiley Face Assessment. Set up for the lesson. I managed to get objects that were similar shapes to the last 3 lessons from around the room. I placed them on the tables READ MORE

Drawing two objects

April 26, 2017

Drawing two objects next to each other will make children think about size and proportion. For differentiation you could have two simple objects near each other or touching for a more challenging experience. The best way to help children is let them draw the objects first and then talk about how they can improve the drawing. Then they can do a second drawing making all the improvements they talked about. It does take time to achieve this but patience and practise is pretty much all you need.