Teaching Year 4 to draw

Teach Your Class to Draw.

January 29, 2018

Teaching pupils at Year 4. Teaching pupils at Year 4how to draw is really important because it is at this age that pupils begin to want to draw realistically. Before this stage in their development they use the Symbol System to draw, which is using symbols from memory to represent people, places and things. A circle represents a face, a square with a triangle represents a house etc. By the time children get to Year 4 they know that a simple circle with two dots in it is not a face. They instruction and rules to follow to be able to READ MORE

Who teaches children to draw?

September 24, 2017

Teaching Drawing Who teaches children to draw? Is it teachers or parents or both? And when do children need to learn to draw if they need to learn at all? Is it not the case that you either have it or don't. You're either talented in art or not! We all know people at school who were good at drawing and the majority of us have tales of bad teachers making them feel terrible or giving them tasks that are impossible. One headteacher repeatedly told me when visiting my art lessons, of a horror of a lesson from the distant past, where a teacher READ MORE