The Beauty of Everyday Objects

Everyday objects using colour pencils

Everyday objects using colour pencils

Everyday objects can be surprisingly beautiful and a great way for children to connect to art.

In The Classroom

Most primary schools will teach art in the classroom, and this can sometimes be restricting as all the other lessons are taught there. Space is tight and finding places to house art equipment is challenging. Why not look around the classroom to find objects children can draw?

Lunch-boxes can usually have great items to draw, even if it is empty packaging like cans or sandwich wrappers, apple cores and orange peel are all interesting objects.

Often school equipment can be good, pencils and rubbers usually have strong shapes and they are familiar to the children.

In the staffroom stationary, kitchen things and odd objects usually are just lying around. The PE cupboards are filled with excellent examples of spheres, cylinders and cubes.

Colour Pencils

Colouring pencils are surprisingly versatile and absolutely great with Yr4. My advice is to get the best quality you can afford. If it is a £1 for 100 pencils the chances are the blending will be poor and the pigment weak making the results not good, and constantly sharpening them because they break a lot is counterproductive. I recommend Lakeland from Derwent pencils, the only British manufacturer of pencils. The price is excellent and the quality good so you will make savings because they last longer and don’t break all the time.

Everyday objects colour pencil drawings

Everyday objects colour pencil drawings

Any observation drawing is good for Yr4 pupils.

When pupils start using colour pencils, give them good quality reference pages, rather that go straight to real objects. Let them master the medium first by copying a few good quality images and then when they have gained confidence give them lots of familiar everyday objects to draw and they will improve their observation skills along with colouring.

Download for free

Jammie Dodger colour pencil drawing

Jammie Dodger colour pencil drawing

If you wish to use some good quality colour pencil drawings to start your class off, then feel free to download any of the examples for teachers at It can be really helpful for children to start copying images or drawings while leaning how to use the medium. We used five Academy pencils from Derwent for most of the images. As they are good quality and they blend to make more colours.

The image below would be good for children to practice using one colour and seeing what is possible. I would suggest they use a page in their sketchbook and copy the image.

Colour pencil practice Yr4 Teach Your Class to Draw

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