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Teach Your Class To Draw drawing lessons

September 13, 2021


If you are starting the Teach Your Class to Draw, drawing lessons, welcome and I hope you enjoy the term.

If you look at the teacher training video and then at the 9 teacher videos that accompany the lessons, you will get an idea of what to teach and how to go about the lessons. The first lesson is a simple drawing assessment using the image below. You can either go on to the downloads from the website or copy and print from this article.

Part of Teach Your Class To Draw to help pupils draw everyday objects.

Part of Teach Your Class To Draw to help pupils draw everyday objects.

If you are using sketchbooks then ask you pupils to open on the middle page and write Drawing 1, accompanied by the date and on the opposite page write, Drawing 2. Then set the pupils the task of drawing this image using what ever they like and give them about 45-50 minutes. Some pupils will finish really quickly so you may wish to give them another task or a reading book. By writing Drawing 2 on the opposite page, pupils will not accidentally draw on it and at the end of all the lessons they will do the same drawing after completing all the lessons and using the comparison you will be able to see how pupils have improved their drawing skills, see examples below.

We will be having Zoom/Googlemeet Q&A sessions if you would like yourself and or your colleagues to attend then contact

Good luck and remember drawing is an important skill that you will be helping your pupils to develop. Have fun and feel free to share (no names) any good examples of progress.


Drawing progress example from Teach Your Class To Draw.