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Measuring Teaching Drawing

November 24, 2019

One way to measure your teaching drawing is to compare drawings from the start of your lessons to the end. This is a good test especially if you are looking at specific elements such as shape, line, light and dark, tone and colour.

Try using this assessment at the beginning of your teaching then ask pupils to do the same task. If you give them the same materials to do their drawings and remind them to use all the skills they have been learning about. They can start with light pen lines and not worry about rubbing out mistakes.

The image contains 3 popular shapes, a sphere, cuboid and cylinder.

Here is an example of a pupil’s sketchbook showing the assessment drawing at the beginning of the teachyourclasstodraw lessons. The pupil has difficulty placing the objects and they all end up down the bottom of the page. The line is not accurate and the colour is mainly one application poorly applied.

Why not try the 9 free lessons and see if you can improve your class’ drawing. Give them the free assessment drawing task first and then at the end to measure how much they have improved.